Extract data from
invoices and receipts

Deepss API is an Artificial Intelligence solution for automated data extraction from documents

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Save your customers' time

Instant invoices and receipts processing allows your customers to immediately proceed to the next step in your flow.

Eliminate manual work

Automated processing means you no longer have to extract and enter your data manually.

Get very high accuracy of data correctness

Artificial Intelligence will eliminate costly data mistakes.

Use it with easy setup

Unlike traditional OCR tools, our system based on Artificial Intelligence doesn't require any specific rule or template setup.

Integrate it with any system

The processed data can be accessed by universal RESTful API.

Use cases

ERP and inventory management systems

Entering data from documents such as invoices or receipts is a manual process, which takes a long time. 2-5 minutes per document is not much, but with 100 documents a day, it gives you several hours of manual input.

By implementing Deepss API in your system, you allow your customers to save their time and completely eliminate the risk of error - automatic reading documents is fast and there is no manual work needed.

Budget management apps

Budget management apps allow to manage expenses better. However, the manual process of entering data from invoices or receipts takes the most time of using the app and it is tedious. What if the users could get rid of this manual work?

Just upload a picture of receipts or invoices and Deepss API will do the rest. It will extract necessary data, even the unusal, like additional bar code or other individual labels. Everything in the blink of an eye.



OCR solution definitely speeds up process of entering data from invoices and receipts. Despite this, it has some drawbacks:

  • needs templates to apply for new documents patterns,
  • low quality scanned documents are not easy to recognize,
  • hard to read some additional data like QR codes, barcodes or handwritten marks.

Our solution, Deepss API, provides invoices and receipts recognition using Artificial Intelligence algorithms. It is fast and has very high accuracy. The system learns basing on already scanned documents, so it needs no templates and every additional data is included in recognized data.

Deepss AI team

Paweł Świerblewski
Sebastian Jakowski
Stanisław Kończal
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